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The Puppets


To build moveable Biblical Puppets and tell stories with them 

  • Sisal wire makes them flexible
  • leaden feet give them a good stand
  • their heads made from hard foamed cellular plastics are formed individually
  • their faces are only indicated and allow various interpretations
  • their attitude can express emotions
  • their garments from natural material is easily exchangeable – one puppet can serve for different personalities 












The making of a moveable Biblical narrative puppet is a process which demands some craftsmanship. The best results are achieved when the Puppets are made in workshop courses under instruction of a trained coach.

Different folders and their supplements contain the basis for the production of the Biblical Puppets in the series 30, 50 and the animals. They follow the ABF’s guidelines. The coaches have themselves been trained according to these guidelines and they guarantee to give instructions for the production of Puppets and animals according to the guidelines. Only this guarantees a high standard, quality and gives them a long durability.
The Biblical Puppets are solidly built and completely covered with a “skin”. Only the skin around the head is glued, while all the rest of the skin is sewed tightly around the wire. The wigs are usually made from real hides. The coaches have a supply of them with different lengths, from which the course participants can take what they need. One or more additional elements go along with the making of a puppet so that a vivid relation to the Biblical texts can be created together with the Puppets themselves.