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Their Application

Where can Biblical Puppets be applied?
Messages from the Old or New Testament can be illustrated by means of Biblical Puppets. The Puppets visualise Biblical scenes and make it easier to realise and memorise statements and thoughts from the text.
The identification with the Biblical characters represented by the puppets is made possible by their challenging production process which demands a lot of craftsmanship. Biblical texts gain a new visualisation and practicability, the essence of text is given a new shape.
Biblical Puppets, as a means of understanding the Bible, can be used in:
- Sunday Service incl. service for the children
- Christmas mangers and mangers presented throughout the year
- Religious Education in church and at school
- kindergarten, work among children, young adults or with seniors
- adult education
- work with the disabled
- congregational meetings and house parties
- exhibitions on Biblical topics
- counselling and therapy

In many churches and congregations, it has become unthinkable not to do something with the moveable Biblical Puppets in preaching, counselling or teaching.