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The Making of Biblical Puppets and their Use in Storytelling

What are Biblical Puppets?

Biblical (Narrative) figures are such puppets that remain movable through a frame of sisal clad wire. Leaden feet give them stability, and their heads from plastics foam can be formed individually. Their faces are just indicated and allow for freedom of interpretation. Their posture can express different emotions.
When they are moved and arranged into scenes, they can open up Biblical texts in a special way and create a particular access to them. One puppet can easily be changed into another character, simply by exchanging its clothes, which are made from natural material.
The Biblical puppets are available in three sizes (ranging from children to adults): 30 cm, 50 cm and 70 cm sizes.




The Association

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Biblische Figuren ABF e.V. (Association for Biblical Figures, reg.) is the oldest association formed to enhance work with the movable Biblical puppets. The ABF is ecumenically oriented and works on the basis of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Christlicher Kirchen ACK (Union of Christian Churches UCC).